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all you brats
up on stage
you think you're all the rage

but this is just what we never wanted.

all you brats
you got the middle class plague
and while daddy gets paid

all the daughters should lead the way.

I was never one to wander far or far away from
voices that were straining hard just to sing their own song.

all you brats
coined a phrase
joined a phase

but you won't even get a mention.

all you brats
you go to school each day
and piss your lives away

just to warrant some kind of reaction.

I was never one to judge a pebble from a rhinestone
get your head out your ass and tell a tale of your own, son.


from 2006​-​2010 (R​.​I​.​P), released September 5, 2010



all rights reserved


Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth Melbourne, Australia

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